Todays recipe is Yakitori bowl and it comes from this great book by kentaro kobayashi. The book is called called “Tobikkiri no donburi”. This is one of my favorites out of the book. I recommend trying this recipe when you have some extra time because it requires relatively long time for something to cook in the morning.

===Ingredients (2 servings)===

Chicken thighs 2 pieces (350-400g)
green peppers 2
vegetable oil 2TBSP

white sesame seeds
cooking sake 2TBSP
water 2TBSP
soy sauce 1.2TBSP(a little more than 1TBSP)
mirin 1TBSP
sugar 0.5TBSP

cooked rice


1. Remove yellow fat from the chicken if there is any. cut in half if each piece seems too large. place the chicken on the cutting board skin side down, and make shallow cuts with about 1cm space in between each cut.

2. Flip the chicken over, and poke lots of random holes on the skin side using the tip of the knife

3. Remove the seeds from the green peppers, cut each of them into 4 pieces, and rinse with water.

4. In a cup, mix together white sesame seeds, cooking sake, water, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. stir well.

5. Heat a pan on medium heat and spread vegetable oil. Place the chicken with the skin side down and put the lid o n the pan (you can substitute it with aluminum foil)

6. When the skin is browned, turn them over and place the lid back on and cook some more.

7. When the chicken is almost done, add in the green peppers to slightly brown the surface, and move them to a plate.

8. When the chicken is thoroghly cooked, wipe off the excess oil using a paper towel.

9. Flip the chicken again to have the skin side down.

10. Add in 1TBSP of vegetable oil and cook it on high heat to get the skin crispy. then add in the sauce and mix well.

11. Turn off the heat, move the chicken to a cutting board, and cut into easy to eat sizes.

12. Pack rice in your bento box, and pour in some of the sauce that is left in the pan. Mix well until its even.

13. Pack the chicken and green peppers on top of the rice, or in a separate container. If you pack it in a separate container, you can move the chicken and green peppers on top of the rice right before you eat it to have it the traditional rice bowl style.

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