What are the risks associated with heat power? Watch our 3rd virtual seminar, where we tackled this question head-on, with the help of experts in their respective fields.

#1. Investment risk
Elisabeth Beskow, CEO, DNB Bank, ASA Sweden Branch
#2. Environmental risks: Overrated or Underrated?
Marit Brommer, President of the IGA and Ann Robertson-Tait, President of GeothermEx, hosted by Baseload Capital CEO Alexander Helling
#3. Drilling risks
A panel with Carlos Araque, CEO of Quaise and Tim Latimer, CEO of Fervo Energy, with Baseload Capital’s COO, Pernilla Wihlborg
#4. NIMBY (not in my backyard): stories from the field
Van Hoang, Chariman & CEO, Baseload Power Taiwan
#5. Disruptive technology
Niklas Adalberth, Co-founder of Klarna & Founder of Norrsken Foundation

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Baseload Capital is a specialized investment entity that funds the deployment of heat power worldwide. We currently have subsidiaries in Iceland, Japan, Taiwan and the U.S., which work with local communities and power companies to permit, build and commission heat power plants.

Heat power is an affordable form of renewable energy that can be harnessed from either geothermal resources or waste heat. By applying innovative financing structures and using subsidiaries to roll out local implementation, we can help nations quickly transition away from fossil fuels and toward energy independence. The result will lead to more resilient societies and a planet in balance.

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The earth has power. Let’s switch it on.

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