Sharing our quick and easy lunch recipe, especially one that doesn’t require a lot of effort.

you need:
1. tortilla
2.Sliced cheese
4.cream cheese
7.sauted chicken and bacon
8. fish sauce
12.grated carrots
13.chopped onion.

For Sauted chicken and bacon:
step 1. slice or chop chicken breast into small strips
2. slice the bacon into strips
3. chop onion into small pcs
4. grate the carrots
5. mix chicken and bacon with fish sauce, salt and pepper.
6. in a heated pan, pure small amount of oil, then the onion,
7. before onion turns to brown, mix the grated carrots into the pan,
8. then the chicken and bacon untl chicken breast turns to white and the sauce almost gone.

For the dressing:
1. mix the mayonaise and creamcheese together, (mayonaise 3spoon full and use 2 spoon full cream cheese)

Now Assemble the wraps by laying a large flour tortilla down and then spread the dressing, sliced cheese, add spoon full sauted chicken bacon, the top with lettuce, and cucumber,
Roll up the wraps tightly..

yum! ready to eat…

hope you will like it and sure your family will love it too..

thanks for watching!

much love,
Pamilya Ronbelle

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