Each one of these amazing quick & easy lunches from the Wraps to the stir fry and the smoothie packs a whopping 30g + of protein each. These combined with a solid training program and diet will help you build that muscle


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WRAPS Ingredients:
– Wraps of choice
– Protein of choice (turkey mince 85g)
– Lettuce
– Cucumber
– Salsa
– Cheese (optional) 20g
– Low fat mayo 5g
– Hot sauce

Stir fry ingredients:
– Carb of choice ( I went for noodles 85g dry)
– Protein of choice (Prawns & Chicken) 100g each
– Veg left over in the fridge:
– Tomatoes,
– Peppers
– Onion
– Broccoli

Smoothie Ingredients:
– 40g Myprotein The Whey
– 40g Oats
– 1 banana
– Powdered PB 10g
– 200g frozen berries
– 200ml almond milk
– 50g or a handful of spinach

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